On November 24, 2023, Liberty Technology and OMICALL came together for a MOU signing ceremony at the King’s View Business Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This marks the beginning of a promising collaboration that aims to bring innovative solutions to the technology market.

Mr. Tommy, CEO of Liberty Technology and Chairman of Liberty Group pointed out that, “The ceremony solidified the strategic cooperation between Liberty Technology and OMICALL. This partnership aims to enhance Liberty Technology’s customer care.”

“We believe that Liberty Technology and OMICALL will together create outstanding value for the two companies in the future, bringing customers the most useful solutions”, he added.

Liberty Technology: Pioneers in Software Solutions

Liberty Technology is a leading player in the Cambodian market, specializing in software distribution, offshore development center, website and mobile applications, and system operation. 

Liberty Technology, a dedicated software developer and intermediary partner, prioritizes seamless user experiences across diverse industries including commerce, service, and finance. With a team of skilled professionals, the company is committed to delivering high-quality products. Currently, Liberty Technology is actively fostering collaborations with other technology enterprises to establish connections for mutual development.

OMICALL: Elevating Customer Care with Smart Virtual Switchboards

On the other side of this strategic alliance is OMICALL, a prominent provider of smart virtual customer care switchboards operating on the cloud computing platform. OMICALL distinguishes itself with a multi-channel communication platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), enhancing the overall user and customer experience. The company specializes in assisting businesses in developing intelligent virtual switchboards, fostering seamless interaction between customers and customer care staff.

Creating Value Through Unity

Liberty Technology and OMICALL share a vision of creating lasting value for their customers. United in this vision, both companies are ready to embrace opportunities and challenges in the dynamic tech landscape, committed to simplicity, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, promising a brighter future for both companies.

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