DOTB – do the best for education

DOTB is a Vietnamese education technology company, focusing on cutting-edge ALL IN ONE Software Solutions for Education Management. Through Liberty Technology’s distribution network, DOTB’s cutting-edge edtech software is poised to revolutionize convenience for teachers, learners, and managers in Cambodia. Our mission is to streamline processes, save valuable time, enhance teaching and learning efficiency, and ultimately foster a modern and civilized learning environment.

How DOTB EMS help you?

DOTB EMS training center management software is a solution that brings many benefits to education and training centers in classroom management, information management, and management of educators and students.

 Manage student and course information
DotB EMS’s student information management feature helps administrators easily store and track students’ personal information and learning process effectively.
 Automate the student enrollment and placement process
The solution to automate enrollment and arrange classes based on qualifications helps administrators save time and increase successful enrollment rates.
 Manage teaching plans
DotB EMS helps administrators manage teaching plans, store teaching information and monitor teachers’ teaching effectiveness easily.
 Manage educational affairs and assign access rights by department
DotB EMS with educational management features helps the center track teaching materials effectively. Administrators can limit access and absolutely secure information data.
DOTB’s software has optimized the management process for hundreds of clients:
  Foreign language center: Comprehensive solution for operating a chain of foreign language training centers
 International schools: Automating enrollment: attracting, interacting, retaining, and supporting students
 Study Abroad Consulting: Solution to automate the enrollment process and manage the study abroad process
 Preschool: Automate enrollment, fee collection and customer care for preschools
 Tutoring Center: Operates the tutoring model, solves problems of arranging class schedules and collecting fees

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