Casso – Corporate financial robot – Financial management solution 4.0, was born with the goal of helping businesses centralize financial data and automate tasks related to cash flow:  


How PayOS help you?

In Cambodia, Liberty Technology is the official distributor of PayOS – 1 product of CASSO company. This is the next generation of payment gateways, turning your business account into a multi-use payment gateway with just 5 minutes of registration.

Conventional payment methods suffer from the following three disadvantages: long confirmation waiting time, easy to make mistakes, and high personnel costs. Based on understanding the “pain” and actual needs of customers, CASSO has researched and successfully launched the PayOS payment solution, helping businesses automate the payment process, thereby helping to reduce costs. order cancellation rate, minimize errors and reduce business operating costs.

PayOS mainly applies 3 modern technologies:
 VietQR Pro technology provides a dynamic QR code containing both account holder information and order information to be paid, making payment and confirmation simple and automatic.
 Virtual Account technology helps transactions flow directly to the business account without being retained at payment intermediaries, thereby making transaction control easy.
 Open Banking technology allows third-party service providers to access the bank’s financial data, balance fluctuations, payment links, etc. through Open API and synthesize and analyze , offering relevant financial solutions, creating an ecosystem that brings satisfaction and improved customer experience.

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