PiHome – Home in your hand

Pi Platform (PiHome) – One-stop platform for property industry – is the leading real estate operations management platform (Property) based on cloud computing (Cloud Base), provided as software as a service (SaaS). PiHome provides many sets of solutions on the same platform such as BMS (Building Management System), AMS (Asset Operations Management System), PMS (Parking Management System) , … and integrated solution sets such as Touchless access control solution, IoT integration solution, …

Home in your hand

Liberty Technology distributes the PiHome platform to the Cambodian market, helping to meet all businesses’ needs in apartment management, including 3 management – operation – revenue and expenditure modules, integrated in the same platform.

Management Subsystem
Providing full management features for the managing unit including Admin, Accounting, and data exploitation management levels that have been decentralized according to function.

Operation subsystem
Features on managing staff, materials, services and equipment scientifically and closely contribute to improving the efficiency of apartment operations for the Management Board.

Finance Subsystem
The system helps Management Boards monitor, make statistics, and manage finances – revenue and expenditure quickly and effectively. Intuitive, professional reporting.

PiHome integrates all processes, regulations, rules, and forms of management and operating companies onto the App platform, including mobile applications on IOS and Android operating systems for both residents and management, creating conditions for information to reach residents in the fastest, most complete and most professional way.

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