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We are the leading experts in the field of information technology with: Biometric, AI, Software development.

Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Liberty Technology is a leading provider of Software Distribution Services, committed to simplifying the software distribution process and fostering a robust developer-user ecosystem.

Positioned as a premier software destination, we prioritize the pillars of security, convenience, and accessibility, ensuring a seamless experience for both providers and end-users.

Streamlining software distribution
for developers and users

At Liberty Technology, we are dedicated to driving technological innovation and excellence across various industries. Our commitment to quality, security, and adaptability sets us apart as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of software distribution. Complimentary consultation services for software solutions valued up to $2000 are offered as part of our comprehensive business consulting package. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your software solutions.
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Maximize your software potential

Strategic Collaborations: We engage in strategic partnerships with hardware manufacturers, software vendors, and distribution platforms, expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings to deliver optimal value.
Subscription-Based Models: Our service introduces subscription-based models for premium features and updates, providing flexibility through tiered plans meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our users.

Are you ready to transform your business with Liberty Technology?

Are you ready to transform your business with Liberty Technology?

Open Innovation


Our advanced services are tailored to elevate
your business to new heights


We simplify the software distribution process, fostering a strong developer-user ecosystem.
As a premier software destination, we prioritize security, convenience, and accessibility for an exceptional user experience.
We provide software distribution services in a variety of fields.
1. School Management System
Custom solutions for schools to simplify administrative tasks and boost overall efficiency.
Comprehensive software distribution for the retail sector, optimizing operations and improving customer experiences.

Innovative tools to streamline restaurant management, from order processing to inventory control.

Advanced software for seamless property management and tenant satisfaction.
Robust software services ensure efficiency and data security in healthcare.
Cutting-edge financial technology software empowering businesses with secure solutions.
Tailored software solutions facilitating real estate transactions and property management.


Our development is always accompanied by great cooperation from leading technology partners. Together, we forge remarkable achievements, break down barriers, and cultivate success.


You have a powerful software, and you want to maximize its potential?
Our software distribution service is your solution!
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