In the last two years, due to the impact of COVID-19, schools have had to adopt new technologies for remote learning.

School management software, used initially for organizing school tasks, has now become a tool for helping students learn from a distance. It works alongside learning management systems, allowing teachers and parents to assist with remote learning.

Because of the benefits of using this improved software, schools are likely to keep using it even after things return to normal. 

Why is school administration software necessary?

The use of school management systems is predicted to increase by 17.7% from 2019 to 2027 (Market Research Future, 2022). 

More schools are using this system because it helps teachers, students, and others collaborate easily on one platform. Like how good construction project management software helps with various tasks, school management software helps schools, students, and parents communicate better.

Liberty Technology has partnered with several prominent Edtech companies, including DOTB‘s LMS educational management system in Cambodia. We specialize in delivering software solutions to schools and foreign language centers.

Our partner’s top school management software incorporates essential functionalities that benefit you significantly. These key features include:

Efficient Administration: It streamlines administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking, grading, and resource management, saving time and effort for educators and teachers.

Enhanced Communication: The software facilitates effective communication between teachers, students, parents, and administrators, fostering collaboration and transparency in the educational process.

Remote Learning Support: Especially crucial during events like the COVID-19 pandemic, school management software enables the smooth transition to effective remote learning management, ensuring continuity in education.

Data Security and Privacy: It provides a secure platform for managing sensitive student data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, and safeguarding information.

Customization for Learning: The software allows for personalized learning experiences, catering to individual student needs and providing a more adaptive and effective educational environment.

Adaptability to Change: School management software is designed to adapt to evolving educational models, and can accommodate changes in the education landscape.

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Now, let Liberty Technology discover a list of options for the top 5 top-rated school administration software of 2024.

5 best school management system software

PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS is a powerful software designed to support schools in remote and hybrid learning. It prioritizes data security with the assistance of cloud compliance experts. As one of the best School Management Software options, it makes communication between teachers, parents, and students easy and efficient.

Key features

  • Customize fields, pages, and tables for specific data needs. Use flexible features for scheduling, attendance, grading, calendaring, and more.
  • Access a global support network through forums, videos, online/in-person groups, and training events.
  • Offer convenient access to grades, and progress through the PowerSchool Mobile App or online portals.
  • Support over 45 million students globally in 90+ countries.


Here are some feedback from PowerSchool users

  • Not having a free trial means users must pay without trying the software first.
  • Users find it challenging to update information, especially if parents/students don’t know their account info. They must go through the site admin, causing delays in information updates.
  • While PowerSchool is available in many countries, it is not currently available in Cambodia.


Fedena is a versatile school management system that makes school tasks easier by automating daily operations. It takes care of daily tasks, gives detailed reports, and tracks everything so schools can make better decisions quickly and improve their productivity.

Key features

  • Automate exams and calculate grades effortlessly.
  • Conduct online examinations seamlessly.
  • Track admission inquiries and manage details digitally.
  • Customize admission forms and verify documents electronically.
  • Easily mark attendance
  • Manage classroom and subject allocations.
  • Integrate with video conferencing software (Google Meet, Zoom, BigBlueButton).
  • Is used in over 200 different countries and supports over 20 languages for ease of use.


Here are some feedback from Fedena users:

  • Training videos have unclear English and are presented like patchy YouTube content.
  • Installation is quite complicated.
  • Not currently available in Cambodia.


Gradelink is a time-saving software designed to enhance the enrollment process for schools. It simplifies daily attendance tracking for teachers and provides efficient management of classes and scheduling.

Key features

  • Embed links to video-sharing platforms like Zoom and YouTube.
  • Use built-in features for email, alerts, messaging, teacher web pages, and a school news page.
  • Enable families to enroll and re-enroll from home, eliminating extensive paperwork.
  • Save time by seamlessly syncing grades from Google Classroom to your gradebook.
  • Available in 20+ countries worldwide, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Afghanistan,…


Here are some feedback from Grade Link users

  • Similar to PowerSchool SIS, the absence of a free trial requires users to make a payment before experiencing the software.
  • The dashboards are complex, posing difficulties for parents with low-tech proficiency.
  • Not currently available in Cambodia.


Veracross is a tool that allows you to handle accounting tasks within your school effortlessly.

Key features

  • It allows for the hassle-free management of students’ academics.
  • Transform the entire school admissions process, from initial inquiry to enrollment.
  • Seamlessly and securely manage accounting tasks at your school.
  • Simplify billing and payment processes for parents and school administrative staff.
  • Track critical health-related information online.
  • Available in 30+ countries around the world.


Here are some feedback from Veracross users

  • Customer support response speed can be slow at times.
  • The software has limited customization, and few features are automated.
  • Not currently available in Cambodia.


Alma is a School Management Software designed to enhance teacher engagement with students and parents. It provides precise analytics and graphics to support data-driven decision-making.

Key features

  • Customized learning schedules
  • Integrated with Google Classroom
  • Considered one of the top school ERP software, adaptable to districts and schools
  • Facilitates seamless communication between teachers and students
  • Achieved optimum growth – and is now in 45 states and 50 countries.


Here are some feedback from Alma users

  • There is no feature to batch print report cards in a single job.
  • Absence of report cards, missing work access, and class rank information.
  • Tasks like entering grades, and creating/changing seating charts are challenging and time-consuming.
  • Not currently available in Cambodia.

In summary, the top-rated school administration software for 2024 introduces essential features to streamline various school processes, from admissions to communication.

With user-friendly interfaces and customization options, these tools are crucial for adapting to the evolving education landscape. Investing in such advanced technology is not just a choice but a necessity to create a modern and efficient learning environment in schools.

However, within the Cambodian educational system, many prominent brands of Education Management Systems (EMS) are currently unavailable. This is where Liberty Technology is pivotal as a distribution partner for educational management system companies in Cambodia.

Our commitment is to bridge the gap by providing access to cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of Cambodian schools, aiming to elevate the quality of education in the country during the digital age.


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